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What is SQMAS?

SQMAS (Supplier Quality Management Audit Scheme) is a Quality Management System Standard aimed specifically for SME’s and the voluntary sector.

This was developed as a direct result of a demand in the market place for a Quality Management System (QMS) relevant to SME’s which is simpler to implement and not as expensive as ISO 9001.

Until  now the principle  way for companies to demonstrate that they have a QMS was to implement ISO 9001 which in many cases is not suitable, particularly for the smaller businesses and has often put them off from tendering for work.

In October 2014 SQMAS was officially launched under SQMAS Limited to offer a more suitable, affordable alternative.


From various workshops directly with SMEs it became evident that a large number of the businesses attending did not feel that ISO 9001 was appropriate to them due to the cost and documentation requirements.

A gap was identified in the marketplace for a suitable alternative for these businesses. This resulted in the development of SQMAS. With only 6 mandatory documentation requirements and significantly reduced implementation costs it will help small businesses to compete in the marketplace.

Tarian Inspection services can carry out your independent audit to SQMAS to demonstrate compliance.

In the first instance please contact SQMAS Ltd